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Our aim is to provide specific training to meet the students' needs so that they can achieve excellence.

Our training provides the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies via classroom teaching and vocational or practical skills demonstrated and practised. We use various teaching mediums including presentations, video and practical demonstrations and where possible, hands on practice. Each teaching medium is used to reinforce the students' knowledge and develop 'their feel' for the process.

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Examples of training solutions, some of which were tailored to particular client's requirements

Course title Description
Argon welding chamber/glovebox Work instruction includes approval of client's training record sheet to ensure operators can use the equipment safely
Basic TIG Weld Training (part1) Provides basic TIG weld training, and can be used as a precursor to hand welding practical training
Basic TIG Hand Weld Training (part2) Practical hands on training using the client's equipment
General Health & Safety risk assessment Format and content of typical risk assessment. Provides personnel with the knowledge to efficiently carry out assessments as and when they are required.
High Voltage Training High voltage awareness for test station operators
Managing Risk Associated with the Spot welding process Understand the risks of the resistance spot welding process including format and content of typical risk assessment
Managing Risk Associated with the TIG welding process Covers the generic risks associated with the TIG welding process
Managing Risk Associated of Induction Heating Equipment Understand the dangers of the Induction Heating and heating in a reducing atmosphere (DSEAR) process including format and content of typical risk assessment
Tungsten TIG Welding Electrode Grinder Provides operator training to allow authorised use of the high speed electrode cutter/grinder. Includes explanation of HSE 564/6 Storage and use of thoriated tungsten electrodes & NRPB Radiation at work, where thoriated tungsten electrodes are used.
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